What do you know about rum? Well we’re here to tell you: you haven’t seen anything yet!

A bold statement perhaps? Well we are sure we can show you a thing or two.

Rum runs from East to West, North to South, Appleton to Zacapa and everywhere in between!

A person might know their dark from their white, or their spiced rum from their flavoured, but do they know their rhum from their ron, or their agricole from their cachaca? See, we got you thinking now!

The category of rum is more than just years in a barrel… It’s more than the pretty bottle or the drink of your grandfather; it’s all about the moment… It’s the exquisite dance of flavours across your tongue, the instantaneous transportation to a far flung beach memory somewhere beautiful and that very special moment when you kick back and let the stresses of the day wash over you!

Come let us tell you more about the subtle and the bold, the sublime and the ridiculous! Rum has it all and you can find it at rumboat retreat.

Rumboat Retreat’s affinity and everyday connection with our surrounding land, ensues that our daily refreshed and succinct menu is the very essence of local produce.

Guests can choose from bed and breakfast or inclusive boarding.

Rum tasting activities include: Rum & Chocolate Pairing, Rum & Cigar Pairing, Rum Master Class, Ti Punch Class)

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