The best way to experience Gouyave is to just give in and immerse yourself in it!

Rumboat Retreat is less than a mile away from the Capital of St johns so you can easily stroll to the town.

A few of Gouyave’s local attractions include

● Nutmeg Processing Factory
● Douglaston spice estate
● Fish Friday


It is believed that the name Gouyave was derived from the early settlers, the Amerindians who grew plenty of GUAVAS in this area.
Historically, during the 1760s it was described as:- The Quartier de L’Ance Goyave, or St. John,
This town is also the historical home or birthplace of many of the successful businessmen in Grenada, for example the Mc Intyre’s, De Fretas, Campbell’s, Duncan’s just to name a few.
This town and parish was the second most important part of Grenada after the Town of St. George, the capital. As a matter of fact, after the great fires of St. George’s many people and businesses took up residence in the town of Gouyave. Hence, it was not uncommon to see advertisement on the availability of boarding houses, small hotels and day care centers. It was the home of many important and rich merchants and the staging grounds for the Fedon Rebellion of 1795 –6. During that period it was a free port or Port Liberte and naval base for the French insurgents.
Charlotte town, second to St George’s in size, with a population of 2256 is better know as Gouyave. It was renamed by the British, but unsuccessfully as the old name stuck.


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